In 1991, after thirty years experience as a company partner, Mr Mario Di Clemente decided to set up his own business in order to achieve his ambitions for success, without compromising the values that still distinguish him within the Italian market today; his prime concern has always been the quality of his products. His great sense of responsibility and business acumen have made the “Maglificio Idea Sette”  one of the most acclaimed companies both locally and nationwide.

    Over the years, his children Paolo and Federica have joined the business, adding that breath of young dynamic air which is fundamental to running a business in the third millenium.


    Today, the Idea7 knitwear company produces its own clothing and its own knitwear brands for men and women, meeting the requirements of wholesalers, retailers, companies and small local businesses. The problem of having to order and then having to wait for the product to be made is overcome as Idea7 has a large warehouse containing a vast range of styles and colours, where you can buy at any time of the year, and thus have all your requirements met, and obtain any quantity desired.

The Company



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