We have shop spaces where you can buy knitwear for men and women, summer and winter, in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles. Local customers can find the jumper they have been looking for all year long; the tourist who finds himself in Porto San Giorgio during the summer months will find items in cotton and cotton lisle, but he can also stock up on woollen items for the coming winter months at the end of his holiday. You will not be buying surplus articles or end-of-the-range items, but clothing from our regular production.

    Quality, courtesy and respect for the customer are, and will always be, our prime concerns. Because of this, we can advise you accurately, so as to meet your every requirement, because, in our opinion, the best marketing is not through words, but through customer satisfaction.


    In 2009, we renovated several spaces in our company building, with the aim of creating an environment in which customers feel comfortable; air-conditioning, large spaces in which to move freely, the cleanliness of the rooms and the ordered arrangement of the clothes on display, all give the impression of being in a real shop, but with factory outlet prices. Even if you just wish to come and browse, it will not fail to please us, and we will offer you a coffee and smiles!

Direct sales

"What distinguishes us from others is not our products themselves, but what we do in order to realise them!"



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